Give a little, gain a lot

Flexible working shown to enhance creativity and decision making

Australia, 15 November 2013 – Seven out of ten Australian professionals believe flexible working is fostering creativity (71%) plus it is improving decision making (64%), finds new research from the world’s largest flexible workplace provider, Regus.


The survey canvassed the opinions of more than 20,000 senior executives and business owners across 95 countries and delved deeper into the subject of flexible working. The findings show that business people believe flexi-work not only helps improve employee productivity (75%) – by reducing unused office space and slashing commutes – but it also helps workers become more efficient as it encourages a greater sense of responsibility (77%).


I believe that flexible working…


Develops a greater sense of responsibility and time management


Makes employees more productive


Fosters creative thinking


Fosters useful business connections


Helps faster decision making


Improves the quality of decision making


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Source: Regus


Commenting on the research, Director of Regus Asia-Pacific, John Henderson, said: “Experts highlight a number of practices that are proven to impact productivity more than others – initiatives such as cloud computing, knowledge management, better communication and training[1]. But this research for this first time shows that flexible working should take pride of place, with its added benefits of improved creativity and decision making plus it enables more networking opportunities.

Research commissioned by Microsoft in the United Kingdom for the 2013 Anywhere Working Week[2] found that 70% of office workers in UK feel more productive working away from the office and 38% say they are more creative out of the office. Nine out of ten said flexible working doesn't impact their ability to collaborate with colleagues.

“New ways of working are not just unlocking productivity for Australian workers, they are also boosting creativity. The popularity of flexi-work in Australia and across the globe is only going to increase as more and more companies uncover the benefits. Giving people freedom to work across locations and times not only significantly reduces unused office space but it is more cost effective and it improves employee productivity, efficiency and happiness – it’s a win-win solution.

“In order to maximise efficiency, businesses need to ensure their staff are well equipped to work on the move – so putting in place the right technology and support,” he said.




1] The Guardian, How cloud-based products improve business productivity, 2013; Time, How Data Analysis Boosts Productivity, 9th September 2013; Forbes, 7 Management Practices That Can Improve Employee Productivity, 17th May 2013; The vital 6 percent, NESTA, 2009; Training Mag, Training for Productivity, 15th August 2012




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