Overseas markets delivering higher profits for Aussie businesses

Government support and proximity to customers tagged as keys to int’l expansion.

New research released today by global workplace provider Regus revealed that Australian exporting businesses are experiencing higher profit growth than companies focusing solely on domestic trade. The data showed that exporting firms are in the lead with 44% reporting profit growth over the last 12 months, compared to 38% of those trading within Australia only.

The research also found there are many significant benefits for businesses who have a physical presence close to their clients or customers – with 85% of Australian businesses reporting physical proximity boosts sales. The respondents also believed being close to clients helps: improve customer retention rates (84%), increases customer satisfaction (82%) and allows for a better understanding of customers and markets (81%).

However, overseas expansion is a big step for both small and large businesses to take and a difficult one if support is lacking. Small businesses reported a stronger need for government assistance on taxation advice (41%), and information on networking locations (29%) compared to that of large businesses.

Government support required for helping businesses expand overseas Small Business (0-49 Employees) Large Businesses (250+ Employees)
Advice on legal and regulatory matters 66% 64%
Advice on taxation 41% 34%
A directory of flexible workspace providers 8% 11%
A directory of local service/product suppliers 20% 26%
A staff search and recruitment service 12% 17%
Information on locations where I can network with businesses similar to mine 29% 26%
Information on local culture, customs, style and social locations 35% 41%
Introductions to local business organisations/associations 48% 47%

Commenting on the study, CEO of Regus Australia and New Zealand, Paul Migliorini, said that exporting firms are doing well because of their abilities to shift their focus to areas of the world where demand for their products or services are growing.

“People always talk about ‘getting close to the customer’, but in export markets that can be literally true. Our survey respondents told us that having a physical presence close to their customers brings a number of benefits.  In particular, businesses reported improved customer retention, faster problem resolution and greater satisfaction can be achieved by setting up a location in proximity to their customers or clients,” he said.

“Businesses around the globe have reported that the best help they should see from Government is legal and regulatory advice, taxation and local custom information and tips on where to network and meet local businesses. Where this information is not made available or is incomplete, businesses would benefit from partnering with firms that understand the world of business and that can provide local know-how and connections.”


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