Is Your Daily Commute Is A Productivity Drain?

32% of Canadians positively hate their commute and see it as a ‘waste’ of time

Latest research from flexible workspace provider Regus shows that people regard their daily commute to the downtown office as a productivity drain. This limbo time is seen as neither productive work time nor enjoyable personal time and is an obstacle to more useful pursuits.

Of almost 2,000 Canadian Regus survey respondents, 35 per cent report their daily commute as pointless, undefined time, while 32 per cent positively hate their commute and see it as a ‘waste’ of their time. For well over half of business people, their commute time could be re-invested into more productive work time or enjoying a couple more hours of rest.

With only a minority of Canadian workers (12%) regarding their commute as profitable work time, the majority declare it is a drain on work and personal time. It may be time for companies to call it quits with commuting and help employees save time to re-invest in productive work or leisure.

“As commute times continue to get longer and longer, it is devastating but perhaps unsurprising that workers see their daily travel into work and back home as a complete drain on their work day productivity,” said Wayne Berger, VP of Regus Canada. “More savvy businesses that want to restore productivity and reward workers with more personal time would do well to allow employees to work closer to home at least some of the time.”

Regus offers flexible workspaces in suburban markets across Canada allowing professionals to work closer to home and skip the daily commute into the downtown head office every day.

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