Loneliness of Working From Home

​At-Home Workers Need To Get Out Of Their Pajamas!

TORONTO, June 18, 2015 – Latest research by global workplace provider Regus has revealed that Canadian home workers ‘get lonely’ (37%), miss mixing with fellow professionals (65%) and are afraid of becoming overweight from snacking throughout the day (31%). The research surveyed 2,692 Canadian professionals.

Additionally, the report highlights that 60 per cent of respondents feel they are getting stale and need to schedule trips outside of the house, raising the question: is the freedom of working from home all it’s cracked up to be?

Other issues highlighted by the report include resentment from family members for taking up space in the house, work being taken less seriously by family members, and unwanted distractions.

Here are the key findings in the report:

· 48% of professionals report that they work outside the office more than half the week

· 17% of respondents say that their family resent that they have sectioned-off a space in the family home and two fifths (40%) think family members take their work less seriously when they work from home

· 60% say they feel they are getting stale and need to schedule trips out of the house

· 37% ‘get lonely’ and 65% miss mixing with other professionals

· 31% are afraid of becoming overweight as they snack throughout the day

“Often times, flexible workers need a professional and fully-equipped environment to thrive and be productive, working from home isn’t always the answer”, said Wayne Berger, VP of Regus Canada. “When working remotely it is important for professionals to get out of their pajamas, and out of the house to maintain their morale and wellbeing.”

Working from a fully-functional environment, instead of a makeshift space at home, offers professionals who work remotely the chance to interact with other professionals. Businesses that providing employees a professional environment closer to home, will reduce the stressful commute, but also help reduce frustration between family members and unwanted distractions such as excessive snacking which are more abundant in the cupboards and fridge at home.


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