Reducing Winter Commute Times

Survey finds commute time increases globally and across Canada

TORONTO, November 17, 2014 – Regus, a global workspace provider, shares the latest trends in commuting nationwide and across the globe, just as many parts of Canada gets hit with the first snowfall of the year bringing poor road conditions and an even longer commute.

According to the Regus survey canvassing over 22,000 respondents in 100 countries, the global average commute has increased a full 5 minutes each way since 2012 and the Canadian average has increased by almost 3 minutes.

In Canada, the average one-way commute is now 25.8 minutes compared to 22.9 minutes in 2012. Globally, the average one-way commute now takes over half an hour at 32.5 minutes compared to only 27 minutes two years ago.

Regus examined three separate regions in Canada and found Quebec faces the longest one-way commute time at 29.4 minutes, Central Canada at 26 minutes and Western Canada at 22.6 minutes.

A breakdown of the average Canadian one-way commute time includes:

  • 1 – 15 minutes = 33%
  • 15-30 minutes = 31%
  • 30-45 minutes = 21%
  • 45-60 minutes = 11%
  • 60+ minutes = 5%

“During the winter months when snowfall increases poor road conditions, it’s disappointing to see commuting is on the rise,” said Craig Townsend, Marketing and Partnerships Director, Regus Canada. “The daily commute represents a productivity-drain and decreases work:life balance. On days when road conditions are poor, we encourage employees to look at other options, like working from home or at a business centre closer to their home.”

With a shift in the way people work, more forward-thinking companies are allowing employees work remotely to avoid long commutes to downtown headquarters, especially when it’s safer and more productive to work away from the downtown city centre.

Regus has 62 business centres coast-to-coast in Canada, and with many centres in suburban markets, employees can reduce their commute time and stay safe by working from a professional work environment with access to everything required to be remain productive.





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