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80% of Hong Kong firms value results over face-time

Remote working is becoming the new normal, with most firms now measuring productivity by actual output rather than time spent sitting in the office


Hong Kong, 18th November, 2015 – New research by global workplace provider Regus has revealed that four fifths of firms in Hong Kong are shifting their productivity focus from counting how much time people spend in the office, to measuring their actual output. The increased use of such results-based, rather than location-based assessments, signals that remote working is becoming the new norm.












(Source: Regus Survey, 2014) 

The study, canvassing the opinions of over 44,000 people from more than 100 different countries, including 365 respondents in Hong Kong, found that globally 61% report their organisations use flexible working as a mechanism for retaining and attracting top staff. The results from Hong Kong respondents show a more positive sign, with 66% of people confirming that flexible working has been helpful in talent retention and hiring.











(Source: Regus Survey, 2014)


With more businesses embracing flexible working, implementing successful remote management processes is now topping the management agenda. Some 67% of respondents in Hong Kong (61% globally) report that firms like theirs are implementing additional technology to help boost productivity and manage remote workers.

Key findings:

  • 67% of respondents globally confirm that senior management trusts that flexible working can be productive; 67% Hong Kong respondents agree
  • Globally, 46% of respondents are managed by a remote manager at least some of the time. In Hong Kong the figure is higher at 53%
  • 43% of companies globally have recognised the value of mobile working and are putting special training in place for management to handle a remote workforce. The percentage is even higher in Hong Kong at 54%

“The huge cultural shift in the workplace towards flexible working continues to grow. This latest research shows that the business people are embracing this change. With improved productivity, better staff retention and lower operating costs at stake, implementing successful remote management processes can clearly bring businesses huge benefits,” said John Wright, CEO of Regus Asia-Pacific.


“Given the significant surge in flexible working, it is positive news that firms are also adapting their measurement of employees to fit and are shifting the focus from an office face-time mentality to one of measuring real outputs regardless of location. One important caveat remains: while globally workers managing a remote workforce or being managed remotely are increasing, too few firms are investing in specific training which could improve the transition from fixed office workforce to mobile workforce making it even smoother and more productive,” Wright said.



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