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Regus opens business centres for free to encourage companies to go green and cut commutes on Earth Day

Regus offers local workers free flexible workspace to lessen the environmental impact of long commutes


Hong Kong – 17 April 2014 – Regus, the global flexible workplace provider, is opening all of the business lounges in its 16 Hong Kong centers for free on Earth Day (22 April 2014) to help employees save gas and reduce emissions by skipping the long commute and working from a Regus center instead.


Unnecessary carbon emissions, wasted time and loss of productivity are just a few of the negatives associated with a lengthy car ride into work.  According to the US Census Bureau, the average one-way work day commute in the U.S. is 25 minutes.  That adds up to more than 100 hours a year behind the wheel, pumping tons of harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. By offering free flexible workspace for everyone, not only is Regus encouraging workplace sustainability, but it also hopes that participating corporations will experience the benefits of giving employees flexible work options.


For employers considering offering flexible work options to their employees, Regus has a few tips for beginning the process:


  • Have a conversation with your staff: Learn more about their individual needs and discuss their wants. This conversation will help drive creation of the office flexible work policy, understanding that there will likely be a broad range of requests.
  • Consider alternate work location options: Long commutes increase stress while decreasing employee productivity and happiness. Allowing an employee to work from home or drop in to a nearby shared workspace will improve work/life balance and decrease commuting expenses. It also promotes a greener corporate culture.
  • Measure performance by output: Managing remote employees definitely requires an adjustment but the process is made easier when clear goals and benchmarks are established. These goals allows managers to focus on the quality of the work being delivered and less on micro-managing.
  • Change your communication style: Make sure employees are given the right tools for success while working from alternate locations. Invest in technology options like web-based project management programs and video conferencing to help them stay up-to-date on projects and office happenings.


Regus is rapidly expanding into suburbs, offering those that travel into cities on a daily basis a second option, with the flexibility of working from a fully equipped, modern business center that provides all the amenities needed but closer to home. It also enables businesses to extend flexible working practices to their staff, increasing employee health, morale, loyalty and productivity.


To find a nearby Regus center this Earth Day, please visit www.regus.com.




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