India Inc to increase hiring, finds Regus survey

Key findings:

  • Globally, the Regus Business Confidence Index stands at 114 points, up 3 points from October 2012
  • In India the Index stands at 137 points, down 4 points from six months ago
  • 63% of Indian businesses report rising revenues and 54% increased profits over the past twelve months
  • Nearly two-fifths (39%) of businesses plan to increase headcount by more than 5%
  • 67% think firms will hire more sales & marketing employees and 49% highlight operational staff

Mr. Madhusudan Thakur, Regional Vice President – South Asia, Regus says, “The stand out figures are not just that firms are looking to recruit, turning around the loss of 5 million jobs from 2005-2010,[1]but to invest in sales and marketing. This shows that companies feel it’s the right time to go out there and sell.

These results suggest that sales and marketing professional will be in high demand in the coming months. Businesses need to consider how to recruit and retain the best in the field, ensuring they can remain competitive in their market.

All trends indicate that offering flexible working will move from a ‘nice to have’ perk to a necessary condition of employment, being key to securing and retaining the best employees for any company. As, younger people come into the workforce they have a very different attitude to work, placing flexibility and quality of life above more traditional considerations. But flexible working also brings additional benefits helping businesses cut fixed office space costs and increase staff productivity.[2]’’


[1]India Today, Amid economic slowdown, India lost 5 million jobs during 2005-2010, 5th March 2013

[2]Flexibility Drives Productivity, Regus, February 2012