Move over cafes, caves make a better choice for biz meetings

Mumbai, August 27, 2013 – Holding meetings at conference rooms, business centres and coffee shops at hotels have become passé for a section of corporate honchos. They would rather have a meeting inside a cave, or talk shop during a sleigh ride in the midst of icy wilderness.

No, these are not isolated cases of executives exercising queer options of choosing their meeting rendezvous, corporate employees across the globe and including India, are selecting hitherto unexplored locations for holding business meetings. In a global survey conducted by Luxembourg-based Regus, Indian executives mentioned visiting tiger sanctuaries and even spending a few days inside a mountain tent perched at a perilous 16,000 ft.

When Regus, the world’s biggest provider of flexible work spaces, recently asked more than 26,000 respondents from over 90 countries about the strangest place where they had ever had a business meeting, the answers ranged from surprising to plain bizarre. The prize for selecting the weirdest rendezvous went to the executive who chose to meet his business associate at a rubbish dump. Given the stink, no further details were available on the duration of the meeting or whether it was fruitful.

Curiously, there was a lot of similarity between global and Indian respondents, when it came to sports events. If foreign executives chose to meet at a cycling event, Mumbai-based executives bonded over a marathon run. Also, nature-loving executives – here and abroad – had a lot to choose between a sprout field at Brussels and visits to a wheat field, a rooster farm, etc.


Top 10 Strangest Meeting Places Globally

Top 10 Strangest Meeting Places in India

In the bath

Flower auction in Holland

At a cycling event

Scaffolding platform

In a cave

Wildlife resort viewing tigers

A rubbish dump

Wheat field

At a wedding banquet

Mumbai marathon

On a sleigh during a sleigh ride

Rooster farm

A Brussels sprout field

In a tent on a mountain at 16000 ft

On a Navy warship

On top of a concrete water tank

In a shed

Spiritual ashram cafeteria

In an office pantry

At a wedding


A Regus spokesperson commented: “The strange places that people find themselves in for business meetings – from bathrooms to scaffolding platforms – show just how open-minded and flexible people have become in the business world. The venues revealed in this research may not be to everyone’s liking, and some certainly give pause for thought in terms of safety and professionalism. Luckily for less adventurous professionals, a huge network of professional and productive meeting places is available around the world helping them focus on targets rather than their unusual surroundings.”

“Interestingly”, he added, “the new survey reveals that the new-age executives are all but traditional in their choice of meeting location. If some of the oddest venues in India included meetings in a houseboat, under a tree in a village, and also in a zoo, conferences were also held on a jetty, by a petrol pump and inside a cricket stadium. The study makes it amply clear that there’s literally nowhere that Indians consider off-limits for a meeting these days. At least one person reported having a business meeting in a shed while another unfortunate individual was subjected to a meeting in a cremation centre.

On the upside, saunas, beaches and boats featured among meeting rendezvous more than once in the global survey, showing that business meetings aren’t always such hard work.