Could a harmless cuppa be bad for business?

Regus research reveals how your favourite brew could be putting company data at risk

Irish workers are putting business privacy at risk when out of the office, according to the latest research by Regus, the global workspace provider with business centres in Dublin and Cork.

Although cafés are often a popular place to catch up on tasks while on-the-go, they were identified by the nearly two thirds of Irish respondents (62%) as the number one danger zone for exposing sensitive information. Hotel bars and lounges (56%) and campus style canteens (39%) were also identified as high-risk hot spots.

Transport also poses privacy problems according to Regus’ research, with respondents reporting that confidential information is at risk from fellow passengers’ prying eyes on trains (46%) and aeroplanes (45%).

When asked exactly how confidential information was likely to be exposed, over three quarters (76%) of respondents reported that people overhearing mobile phone conversations was the most likely scenario. Confidential printed documents in peoples’ hands or laps, as well as open laptops were also identified as easy targets for snoopers by 67% and 45% of respondents respectively.

Commenting on the findings, Karen Lawlor, Country Manager for Ireland at Regus says: “Privacy remains a huge concern for workers on their daily commute, but also for those taking a pit-stop at a café between meetings, or catching up on emails in the hotel lounge.

“These days, workers can easily find somewhere to quickly catch up on tasks, but each time they do so they can be putting their sensitive business information at risk of prying eyes and ears. The trend we are currently witnessing is that customers of all sizes are using our drop-in workspaces as more private, professional locations to touch down during the working day, such as between meetings, instead of cafés or other public areas.”

Regus currently has five locations in Dublin (including the recently opened centre in The Chase, Sandyford) and one in Cork. Customers include Google, Toshiba and GlaxoSmithKline, as well as hundreds of thousands of SMEs and start-ups.



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