Flexible working breeds innovation

Regus research reveals key measures to encourage employee entrepreneurialism

More and more employers are realising the importance of nurturing an entrepreneurial attitude among their staff to help drive growth[1],but what are the top strategies to promote innovation within a business? 

The latest research by global workspace provider Regus, which canvassed the opinions of business owners and senior managers across Ireland, reveals that the top measures include skills updating programmes, pinpointed by 61% of respondents;  mixing staff from different functions (51%) and flexible working (36%).

Another important aspect to cultivating innovative employees, or ‘intrapreneurs’, is giving staff access to senior management (38%).

In contrast, less than a quarter of respondents thought that formal training (23%) or formal innovation programmes (21%) were key innovation drivers.

Cork-based EireChrom Ltd, a life sciences and chemical analysis company and a leading Mass Spectrometry specialist in Ireland, won last year’s Clonmel Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Patrick Moloney, Managing Director, comments: “Creativity and entrepreneurialism are vital elements of successful businesses at all stages of growth, and for all members of staff, not just business owners.  My own company EireChrom recently won some very pivotal tenders for advanced separation science techniques and our ability and willingness to innovate obviously played a key role in this.”

EireChrom is based at Regus City Gate, in the Mahon area of Cork. Patrick adds, “I would certainly say that using flexible workspace, rather than a traditional leased office, helps foster innovation because it means we mix with a wide variety of people from different industrial sectors. There’s always a steady stream of like-minded business people within the Regus network, who you can bounce ideas off or learn from.”

Karen Lawlor, Country Manager for Ireland at Regus comments:  “Businesses are increasingly trying to tap into the powerful innovative drive that is typically synonymous with entrepreneurs.  Precisely how they create the right environment varies from company to company but a guiding principle is to harness modern, technology-enabled workplace practices which appeal to entrepreneurial spirits - such as flexible and remote working, which are proven to boost creativity.

“We have a rising number of tech and digital start-ups using workspace in our Dublin and Cork centres, and they find that flexible working not only meets employee demand for a better work-life balance by allowing them to work their own hours and from different locations, but it also helps them meet workers from different functions and different firms, vastly widening their outlook and experience. Flexibility and diverse inputs can really help employees think creatively and inspire innovation.”





[1] The Financial Times, Intrepreneurs to the rescue, 13th March 2014


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