IT Glitches and Meetings Cause Workers Most Distractions and Delays

Irish workers’ top productivity killers identified in new Regus survey

A recent report by workspace provider Regus has identified the biggest causes of Irish professionals’ delays and distractions at work. Over half (51%) of the professionals asked about interruptions to their working day, identified IT glitches as the biggest productivity killer. Lengthy meetings were identified as the second biggest barrier to productivity, highlighted by 47% of respondents.

Travel -related grievances also feature heavily in the results; traffic jams (30%), transport delays (21%) and long drives to meetings (21%) were also shown to be prohibitive to productivity.

For many, working from home is not the answer. When it comes to finding a productive environment to work outside of the main office less than two fifths (37%) suggest that being at home enables them to concentrate. However, this rises to 70% for the lucky few who are able to invest in a professional home office. Cafés, with their associated issues of lack of privacy, unreliable internet connection, and background noise, also score poorly at just 3%.

Karen Lawlor, Country Manager for Ireland at Regus comments: “Having the option to work from different locations can be enormously beneficial for many professionals – not least by helping them to avoid arduous commutes. However, the challenge is in finding the right environment outside of the office to allow people to remain just as, if not more, productive.

“For those without a purpose-built home office, business centres, with their professional, productive working environments, provide an answer. Not only can workers save time by choosing a location closer to home, many also find that being away from the main office means they are less interrupted by colleagues looking to have impromptu updates and meetings. Business centres allow busy workers the peace and functionality they need, when they need it.”




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