Regus Survey Shows That Commuting Costs Continue to Climb

One in three Irish workers spend over 5% of their salary on commuting

Irish workers are battling with increasing commuting costs according to a survey of senior business people across the world’s largest workplace provider, Regus.

With train fares and petrol costs continuing to rise, the results show that nearly a third (31%) pay out more than 5% of their salary on commuting.

The average proportion of pay spent on commuting by workers globally is now 5%, a rise from 3% in 2010.

For 9% of respondents in Ireland the daily commute costs them over a tenth of their monthly pay packet.

Commuting costs are contributing to a rise in the number of Irish professionals looking to work flexibly. Business centres offer a professional, convenient alternative for those looking to avoid long, expensive, and sometimes difficult, journeys into the office.

Karen Lawlor, Country Manager for Ireland at Regus comments: “Businesses that want to retain and attract top talent cannot fail to address the issue of the costly commute.

“Flexible working can provide a solution. By offering their employees the opportunity to work closer to home at least some of the time, our customers have not only improved staff loyalty but also seen an impact on productivity. Staff that spend less time stuck in traffic jams or on crowded trains have more time to apply themselves to the job in hand.”



About Regus:

Regus is the global workplace provider.

Its network of more than 2,300 business centres in 106 countries provides convenient, high-quality, fully serviced spaces for people to work, whether for a few minutes or a few years. Companies like Google, Toshiba and GlaxoSmithKline choose Regus so that they can work flexibly and make their businesses more successful.

The key to flexible working is convenience and so Regus is opening wherever its 2.1million members want support – city centres, suburban districts, shopping centres and retail outlets, railway stations, motorway service stations and even community centres.

Founded in Brussels, Belgium, in 1989, Regus is based in Luxembourg and listed on the London Stock Exchange. For more information, please visit www.regus.com