Will you be wedded to the office this Valentine's Day?

Cut your commute to spend more time with your loved ones

Regus, the flexible workplace provider with business centres in Dublin and Cork, is encouraging commuters to spend more time with their loved ones this Valentine’s Day to boost both personal and professional relationships.

With less time and money spent on commuting, it leaves more for romance – or the other important things in life – and the idea of improving work-life balance will certainly strike a chord with most Irish workers.  

In research commissioned by Regus, 70% of business people polled in Ireland said that they would use shorter commuting time to spend more time with family. Over two fifths said that work-related stress, exacerbated by commuting, is having a marked effect on their colleagues’ personal relationships.

The ill-effects linked to lengthy commutes and long hours - stress, loneliness and exhaustion - are hardly conducive to keeping the spark in a relationship. A study in Sweden even found that couples in which one partner commutes long distances to work are more likely to divorce.[1]

So what better time to cut the commuting habit than Valentine’s Day?

Karen Lawlor, Country Manager for Ireland at Regus commented: “Whilst Irish workers wish they had more time and energy to devote to relationships and family, employers are striving to boost productivity.

“There are simple measures to reconcile these two goals - giving employees more flexibility over their schedules and offering the option of doing their job closer to home, such as in local business centres.

“Our customers that offer flexible work options tell us they see huge benefits. For example, 76% say it leads directly to greater productivity. If you let your workers flirt with flexible working this Valentine’s Day, it’s not just romance that could flourish – they could rekindle a new improved relationship with their job.”


[1] Science Daily, “Long-distance commuters get divorced more often, Swedish study finds”, 25 May 2011.


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