Business in the Baltics is booming for new start-ups

World Bank says Latvia is the 22nd most business friendly country 1 as Regus, the leading global workspace provider, expands its presence there

August 2016, Riga, Latvia – Having experienced extensive economic growth in the past decade, the World Bank has now made Latvia the 22nd most business friendly country in the world 1. It is one of the strongest countries for new business both in the Baltic region and the broader markets of Europe.

Latvia is strategically positioned to provide accessibility to the lucrative Nordic markets which is one of its key draws in attracting new business. Boasting a highly educated and multilingual workforce, its workers are also rated top 5 in the world in terms of university students per capita2, which combined with the cost of labour being one of the more competitive in Europe, makes it a hot bed for growth and development in that region.

As growing businesses and international companies are attracted to the area, the capital city of Riga is strategically positioned to meet the increasing demand for local business hubs where start-ups and established businesses can enjoy the opportunities and benefits of a flexible workplace to suit their needs and support their business goals in a thriving economic back-drop.

Mark Dixon, Chief Executive of Regus, said: “Following on from the success of the ‘Regus Riga Esplanade’ centre that we opened back in February this year, this is our third centre in the heart of the Latvian capital and triples our presence in the local market as we meet the increasing demand from local businesses to work when they want, where they want and how they want as part of the Regus business community.

As the Latvian markets thrive, I am excited that modern and dynamic companies working there can join our 2.3 million customers and benefit from access to our global network and experience the opportunities of flexible working for themselves”

The new ‘Riga Opera’ centre opens in an impressive historical building in the main square in Riga in August 2016.

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