Dressed to impress: the right location for success - Report

Inspiring, productive and professional: businesses of all sizes paint their ideal location

Workers globally say that different activities carried out as part of their jobs often require specific locations and that working in public areas restricts productivity levels. Specifically, when working on-the-go they are able to use cafes as touch-down spots for a maximum of twenty minutes to check emails and send short responses, but they are seen as too distracting and a threat to their privacy for longer or more taxing tasks. This is also true of public transport, where emails are generally checked but not answered. To read documents, make conference calls and carry out roughly the equivalent of half a day’s work, business people report they need the peace and quiet offered by a professional business lounge.

When it comes to their daily routine, workers are understandably fussy about location. In particular, all workers identify meeting rooms as one of the weakest links and say they too often look shabby and dirty to customers, giving a bad impression of the company. Businesses globally confirm that the right location for their business looks smart, professional and inspiring. Unsurprisingly, it is also cost effective. Entrepreneurs confirm that a professional office helps them punch above their weight and highlights the importance of being close to prospects.

Many businesses, especially start-ups are opting for co-working spaces to achieve a creative, inspiring business environment cost effectively. For entrepreneurs these are the ideal environments where start-ups thrive and they can mingle with other business owners. Sometimes though, businesses report, co-working spaces are too casual for important client meetings and privacy is scarce. This highlights the need for access to professional working spaces to carry out sensitive business meetings or provide a calmer environment for workers that find it hard to concentrate in collaborative spaces.