With the number of business travellers increased by almost 50%, Barbados becomes a player on the business map

Barbados companies and visitors can now benefit from flexible workspaces in Saint Thomas

With over a million visitors a year1, Barbados is already a thriving tourist destination with figures in September 2015 showing a 15% increase in visits to the island on the same point from the previous year. Approximately 59,000 of these visits were for business or conferences, a number that has increased by 48.6% 2 since 2014, showing Barbados as a growing new hot spot for work as well as play.

More commonly associated with beaches, warm weather, good seafood and a drop of rum, one could be forgiven for not immediately thinking ‘business hub’ when thinking of Barbados. In fact it is now the 53rd richest country in the world boasting a high standard of education, outstanding healthcare system, affordable housing and world class telecommunications making it a fertile soil for companies looking for lower overheads combined with fresh and exciting opportunities in a growing market.

In response to this growing demand, Regus, the global workspaces leader, has partnered with two of the Caribbean’s leading business operators in an exciting new venture - Ralph ‘Bizzy’ Williams, Chairman of Williams Industries Inc. and Mark Linehan, a former CEO of Digicel in a number of markets in the region - together have establishing Williams Offices (Caribbean) Limited to bring the Regus franchise to the region.

On a tour of the facility, Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, Hon. Donville Innis, said: “It is great to see Regus coming to Barbados. To be the country of choice in the Caribbean for Regus speaks volumes about Barbados’ appeal as a hub for business. Equally it will be hugely beneficial for businesses operating in Barbados - both local and international - who will find Regus’ state of the art business centre, an excellent environment from which to grow their business in Barbados.”

Mark Dixon, Chief Executive of Regus, said: “Barbados is a really exciting addition to our expanding network as we see more and more business travellers embracing the opportunities and benefits that flexible working brings them. Modern, dynamic businesses need to be able to work where they want and when they want: that is just as much the case in Barbados, as anywhere else.

“Whether you are multi-national or a start-up: more than ever before you need flexibility, agility and the right location to succeed. Now firms in Barbados – our 107th country – or visitors can join over two million Regus customers who enjoy those benefits as part of our international network.”

Regus offering in Barbados, located at One Welches in St Thomas, will serve as a new hub of innovation and inspiration where businesses can interact as part of a growing professional community and enjoy modern surroundings and high levels of service, the centre will be a great addition to the wider Warrens area of Barbados and will be opening in early June.

1 Source Barbados Tourism Investment http://www.barbadostourisminvestment.com/tourism-profile/

2 Source Barbados Statistical Service


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