Les entreprises exportatrices Marocaines ont plus de chances d'accroître leurs bénéfices que celles qui restent chez elles

Casablanca - February 14, 2013 - In a world marked by constant economic uncertainty, companies that operate international record of earnings and more important than their sisters remained in their domestic market.

Over the past twelve months, 50% of companies reported an increase in international profits, against 38% of firms operating solely on their domestic market.

However, an even larger number of firms are constrained in their expansion impulses. The dock, multiple factors are: the establishment of the company's image abroad, the complexity of tax systems, real estate costs and administrative, political instability and natural disasters (floods or earthquakes ground eg.) are all real problems that prevent many companies to take the plunge, as attractive as it is.

Here are summarized the results of the second survey conducted by Regus export (Global Survey report on export) with more than 20,000 executives in 90 countries around the world.

"Our research shows the benefits of open for international business," said Joanne Bushell, regional vice president of Regus. "However, companies wishing to expand abroad still face significant challenges. Past the initial enthusiasm, they have to deal with mountains of paperwork and have real difficulties to establish a physical presence in another country. Business centers present on site, such as those managed by Regus can provide a solution: placing at the disposal of companies flexible workspaces, expertise of the local economic and administrative services at an affordable cost, these centers business enables them to establish a local presence without incurring financial risk usually associated with expansion abroad. '

Key findings and statistics

  • Overall, 50% of companies operating internationally reported an increase in profits over the last twelve months, against 38% of companies are only in their domestic market.
  • During the same period, 59% of exporters have seen their incomes rise, against 47% of their operating nationally.


  • More than two-thirds of companies Maghreb (67%) are in the administrative and real estate costs the main obstacles to establishing a presence abroad. percentage is 60% globally.
  • Following risk management (50%) (including political risks and natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons and floods) and the management regulations and local tax rules (38%). these percentages are respectively 44% and 43% globally.
  • More than a third of them (34%) find it difficult to establish their image abroad . This percentage is 42% on a global scale.
  • and the recruitment of operational staff is also an important issue.