Colombo Sri Lanka,

Regus Sri Lanka’s Businessworld opens doors to efficient mobile working

Members get access to business lounges in over 100 countries


Regus Sri Lanka, the local arm of the global flexible workplace provider, is making waves with their unique product named Businessworld, focusing on mobile workers and currently serving over a million customers worldwide.

Regus’ Businessworld product leverages the company’s global network of over 2,000 business centres in 750 cities worldwide. This vast network is expanding as the company opens in new cities and countries across the globe, enabling new customers to make use of this unique service.

Across the globe, a growing number of office employees – as many as two-thirds according to some sources – work on the move than they used to. Using notebooks, tablets and smartphones, these individuals use technologies such as Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE to connect to their emails, documents and other data from remote locations, most commonly coffee shops or lobby lounges of hotels. Regus’ Businessworld product provides such individuals a far better alternative than such public spaces – a business lounge that offers a professional setup, completewith all the facilitiesrequired for conducting productive meetings.

“Today, if you look at the global trend, the ‘office’ is wherever employees and their technology happen to be,” stated Nirmal De Silva, Country Manager - Regus Sri Lanka . “In Sri Lanka, it is no different. With the increased affordability of high-tech devices and the accelerated growth of broadband speeds, office employees are moving towards working on-the-go. Meetings, discussions and brainstorming sessions are conducted outside the office environment, especially in locations such as coffee shopsor hotel lobby lounges. While meeting in the casual environment of a coffee shop, away from the stressful office setting, is seen by many as a way to increase productivity, efficiency and overall quality of the meeting, the reality is that there are several drawbacks in having meetings at public locations such as these,” he added.

According to De Silva, the drawbacks of these casual setting include difficulty in concentrating, lack of privacy and lack of proper facilities to conduct the meeting efficiently. “A productive meeting is not just about a fancy setting and refreshments.It’s also about having access to business supporting services so that all individuals can focus 100% on the accomplishing the objectives of the meeting and not worry about the other distractions,” he stated.“This is where Regus’ unique knowledge of the needs of mobile workers and business travelers come into play. We know what they want, we know what facilities they use, and we know where they want to work. And based on this understanding, we launched the Businessworld membership programme,” he added.

Businessworld offers a card-based programme that provides members walk-in access to Regus business lounges in 100 countries worldwide. All Businessworld members have access to free, secure Wi-Fi, free refreshments, and a safe and professional work environment.Regus offers different membership plans based on whether the customer requires a local, national or global package, and also based on whether they require occasional access to open-plan or private office space as well as business lounges. “So whether you’re a home-based worker or a multinational CEO, there’s a membership level to suit your budget and your travel schedule,” De Silva pointed out. “As ever with Regus, there’s plenty of flexibility with Businessworld – not just the flexibility of being able to work wherever and however you want, but also the flexibility to tailor your membership level to your own working life,” he further added.

Founded in Brussels, Belgium, in 1989, Regus is the global workplace provider based in Luxembourg and listed on the London Stock Exchange. Regus’ network of more than 2,000 business centres in 104 countries provides convenient, high-quality, fully serviced spaces for people to work, whether for a few minutes or a few years. Companies like Google, Toshiba and GlaxoSmithKline choose Regus so that they can work flexibly and make their businesses more successful. Regus has opened wherever its 1.8 million members want support - city centres, suburban districts, shopping centres and retail outlets, railway stations, motorway service stations and even community centres.