SNCF look to Regus to support the shift to flexible and mobile working

Regus, the world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces, has signed a ground-breaking deal with SNCF, the French national railway company, to open an initial six drop-in business centres in its railway stations.

The deal is a strong sign of the growing momentum behind the shift towards flexible and mobile working. It will enable millions more business travellers and mobile workers to operate more effectively on the move.

Mark Dixon, CEO of Regus, commented: “An estimated 1 billion people work on the move, with the total predicted to reach 1.2 billion by 2013. SNCF see the demand for smarter, more flexible ways of working, and they understand that businesses and their staff want support whilst on the go. They’ve selected Regus to provide that support, with specialist workspaces designed for the specific needs of business travellers and workers on the move.”

Technology has enabled the rise of flexible, mobile working, but people still struggle at times to work effectively on the go. Regus and SNCF are taking mobile working to a new, more productive level by opening these drop-in centres at railway stations.

Sophie Boissard, CEO, Gares & Connexions, SNCF commented: “Developing drop-in workspaces has emerged as a pressing need in today’s society - turning waiting time into useful time for profesionals on the move. We’re especially pleased to be working with Regus, a globally acclaimed expert in providing innovative flexible workspaces.”

Users will be able to access workspace for as little as ten minutes, using it to work, meet, catch up with emails, deal with unexpected issues, or just find somewhere to think. The business centres will also offer professional business support, such as video communication, printing, copying and scanning.