Growth opportunities for businesses in Balkans lead Regus to open first centre in Croatia

Growing demand for flexible workspace in the Balkans region has persuaded global workspace provider Regus to open its first business centre in Croatia, Zagreb after opening in Belgrade, Serbia last February 2011. The launch means Regus now supports customers in 90 countries worldwide, with products and services that allow them to expand, reduce costs and work more efficiently.

Economic indicators show that business prospects in Croatia have improved in 2011. Croatia was hit hard by the global financial crisis, and struggled to emerge from recession. However, the economy is expected to return to growth in 2011.

Mark Dixon, CEO for Regus comments: “Progress towards EU membership and signs that Croatia’s economy has emerged from hibernation have given rise to a greater sense of economic bullishness. But businesses here have experienced tough times in recent years, and they are determined to keep property costs as low as possible, even as they seek to grow. Our products and services allow them to go for growth without upfront capital expenditure or the risk of high fixed overheads.”

The extension of the Regus network to Croatia offers international businesses a new option as they seek growth in the emerging markets of Europe and beyond. In addition to the Croatia opening, Regus launched its first centre in Serbia this year, and expects to open a centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia before the end of the year.

Dixon continues: ‘With growth in Western Europe and the US limited in recent months and years, businesses need to generate growth from new sources. Throughout 2011, Regus has continually expanded its network in response to customer demand - in the Balkans, the Baltics, in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

“As businesses look to new territories to boost their revenues, they look to us to support them with centres in more locations. We will continue to expand our network accordingly.”