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How well do you know your colleagues?

You may spend more waking hours with your colleagues than with your family, but how well do you know them? Would you be able to identify the objects they just couldn’t do without in the office? Latest research by Regus surveying over 20,000 senior managers and owners in business in more than 80 countries finds that in South Africa worker’s must-have desk items include sporting medals and achievements, menus from nearby restaurants, plants and work skills certificates for the more competitive.

More traditional responses are family photos, cherished by a fifth of respondents (18%), useful business cards (12%) and art work (12%), perhaps providing inspiration and some degree of escape from the daily grind.

Globally, religious ornaments and lucky charms ward off negative work vibes, while diplomas, certificates and trophies remind workers of past achievements and spur them on. For the eternally youthful dolls and miniature cars keep playfulness alive on the office desk.

Kirsten Morgendaal, Regus Area Director comments: “We spend so much time with our colleagues in the workplace that it is easy to assume we already know all that we need to know about them, but this survey reveals that workers globally rely on number of objects to make them feel more at home, to keep them close to their loved ones or just to help motivate and get them get in the work-zone. This survey confirms the importance of the workspace as a place where workers need to feel at ease and able to express their personalities, even the most unusual traits!”