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Office Romance?

76 percent of South African workers have made their declaration of love this Valentine’s…to their job. Latest research by workplace provider Regus finds that 76% of South African workers are hot for their job - enjoying it more than two years ago - revealing that work conditions have changed for the better and are successfully working their charm on employees.

So this Valentine’s Day could be one of office romance – but nothing to worry your real lover! Research has shown that over the past years flexible working has become the norm with 81 percent of companies allowing employees to make some form of flexible time or location arrangement.[1] A lovely prospect indeed! This freedom to carve out personal space has produced a welcome result; happier, more motivated and more productive staff that work productively and are less likely to change jobs.

Kirsten Morgendaal, Operations Director at Regus notes, “Businesses are becoming ever more aware of the staff work/life balance benefits that can be achieved by offering flexible working conditions. A better balance between work and personal life means that employees are less stressed by trying to juggle conflicting demands form their personal and their work life, happier and healthier.

“Simple measures like allowing staff to manage their working hours, shortening commute times or allowing employees to work from other locations can help significantly improve workforce morale resulting in lower stress levels and higher productivity.[2] The workplace has been changing rapidly in the past few years with more freelance and part-time workers on the job market so it is not surprising to see work practices become more aligned to the demands of contemporary workers. It is refreshing to note that on their part workers are ready to acknowledge these efforts and renew their love affair with their jobs this Valentine’s day. “

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[2] Cranfield School of Management, Flexible working and performance, 2008