Flexible working can lessen risks of sedentary office lifestyle

Flexible working can provide an antidote to the health risks associated with sedentary office jobs according to a new survey from Regus.

Medical journal The Lancet recently published a paper outlining the risks to health of sitting at the desk all day.[1] The Regus survey suggests that flexible work could be an antidote.

Regus canvassed over 3,000 business people in the on their attitudes and approaches to work. Over 70% believe that working closer to home helps improve health, and more than two thirds (69%) believe working closer to home would encourage them to go to the gym more often. Over half of workers (56%) say that flexible workers are more ‘mindful’ and are better able to assess their levels of well-being.

Richard Morris, CEO, Regus said: “The latest reports on the risks of a sedentary office lifestyle confirm what many professionals have long suspected. The fixed-office, fixed-hours working day is beneficial to neither mind nor body.

“Surely, responsible businesses must re-think their attitudes to staff well-being. Encouraging staff to be active and to take breaks throughout the day is one thing – and innovations like standing desks can be useful. But our report shows the bigger issue is to tackle the commuting/9-5 model and to allow more flexibility into the working day. The working culture must develop in order for real health benefits to register.”

[1] The Lancet, ‘Physical Activity 2016: Progress and Challenges’,, July 27 2016


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