Pick your cups up!

Workers irate at the slack meeting-room habits of colleagues

Far from presenting a professional image to guests and peers, the UK’s office meeting-rooms are leaving much to be desired according to a new survey from Regus. Canvassing the opinions of more than 44,000 respondents from 100 countries, the Regus survey reveals meeting-room tidiness to be a real cause of office tension.

Respondents were understandably fussy about their working conditions, reporting that the main issue with shabby and dirty meeting room space is the negative impression it presents to clients and potential customers.

The key global findings revealed in the research:

  • More than a third of respondents say their none-too-tidy colleagues leave meeting rooms filthy and stacked with dirty cutlery and cups from the previous meeting (36%)
  • Almost a third of global workers (29%) complain that their meeting rooms look shabby to customers and shows them up
  • More than a third also said that the rooms are often uncomfortably hot or cold (34%)

Richard Morris, UK CEO, Regus, comments: “In highly competitive business environments first impressions can often make a real difference. It is therefore no surprise that more than a third of global business people are worried about the state of their meeting room space, and are often embarrassed by dirtiness or a lack of maintenance and care.

“Too many businesses underestimate the importance of conducting meetings from a professional, smart and clean environment. A home office or a meeting room littered with left over cutlery just isn’t up to scratch. Successful businesses, whether small or large, operate to a high standard at all times, and the meeting room is often the public face of the organisation. As well as being private and secure, meeting rooms must offer a professional image. If this environment is not always available within the main office, businesses urgently need to look into alternative meeting locations.”


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