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Christmas Storyline - Ultimate Gift to Employees

DALLAS – Nov. 30, 2013 – With Christmas Day falling in the middle of the week, employers are in tricky spot – will they be Santa or Scrooge – give employees the whole week off or ask them to come into work? What if bosses could do both – time off plus the option to get work done and not fall behind?

This year Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace, is helping employees increase their holiday productivity through the gift of flexibility.  The company’s recent survey noted that 75 percent of business people globally say flexible working makes employees more productive. Giving employees the option to work in a productive, professional environment – close enough to home, but far enough away from distracting kids and family, is a “holiday bonus” that doesn’t challenge the bottom line.

This is not just working at home (or at your relatives’ house).  Regus has more than 1,600 business centers across the globe where business lounges or offices by the day make it possible to work without distractions. Each center is equipped Wi-Fi, coffee, coworking lounges and a professional staff – all available with an inexpensive Regus BusinessWorld membership – about $1 a day (available Office Max). Centers will be open during the holiday season with the exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

If employees don’t have access to a Regus offers the following tips for those working from home during the holidays (which we can all admit is better than going to the office!):

  • Create Parameters: Set rules with family and friends, and let them know when you are not available. Most importantly, ensure they are aware of any scheduled conference calls in order to limit any background noises and holiday music, so clients don’t feel you’re working in an unprofessional environment.
  • Establish a Routine: The holidays are filled with dinners and family events, so set blocks of time where you can truly commit to work – and let the kids know tree decorating can wait until after the work is done.
  • Keep Communication Open: Maintaining regular contact with colleagues and managers will ensure status of projects and deadlines are understood by all. Communicate when you are available and the best ways to be in touch (i.e. IM, email, text or videoconferencing).
  • Don’t forget the eggnog (and brandy!): While working through the holiday week will help ring in a less stressful New Year and keep business moving, don’t forget to step away from the work now and again and enjoy the time with friends and family. It’s all about balance, and the holidays are no different.