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More Companies in Colorado Springs Choosing Flexible Workplaces

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., – (Aug 6, 2012) – Determined business owners looking to stay close to home and grow their business in Colorado Springs are taking advantage of all the benefits flexible work has to offer. Keeping pace with rising demand for customizable space, Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces, today announced the opening of its second local business center at 1755 Telstar Drive.

Regus’ range of business services provides entrepreneurs, small-to medium-sized businesses and global companies access to fully equipped offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and administrative support, as well as access to its business lounges across the world. More people are choosing flexible work as they see it improves work-life balance and employee productivity.

“Because of mobile technology, we’ve come to a point in time where businesses and individuals expect to work anywhere,” said Sande Golgart, Regus’ Regional Vice President. “At the same time, these mobile workers need access to services that help them work smarter and more efficiently. This new way of working is dramatically driving our growth across the U.S.”

Regus’ North Colorado Springs location puts businesses at the center of a diverse community that is filled with opportunities for IT, insurance and medical companies. This location outside of the city center gives individuals a professional environment that allows them to work closer to home and cut their commuting time.

Regus’ recent commuting survey revealed that more than half of workers questioned would spend be more productive, healthier and happier if they had a shorter commute to work.

“The rise of mobile working is drastically changing when and how work gets done,” added Scott. “Regus is committed to keeping mobile workers productive whenever and wherever they need to get work. “We growing in suburban markets, like White Plains, throughout the country, as professionals look to shorten their commute times.”

In addition to its two White Plains locations, Regus operates business centers in Rye and Tarrytown.