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Office Max Partnership

DALLAS – November 30, 2013 – They’re resourceful, smart, dedicated and they are very difficult to shop for. Trying to find the right gift for the entrepreneur in your life is as appealing as navigating a mall parking lot on Black Friday. Thankfully Regus, the global provider of flexible workspace, has created an ideal gift just in time for the holidays – a customized workplace package.

Entrepreneurs may not always have the financial resources or the need for a full-time office, but they still have to meet with colleagues, clients and venture capitalists (sometimes on the fly). Many find themselves hosting meetings in coffee shops or hotel lobbies (often incredibly distracting with lack of room and privacy) and don’t realize that a more practical and professional solution is readily available and affordable!

Regus is now offering six unique workplace packages conveniently available at every OfficeMax location in the country (847 nationwide). Each package is designed to meet the needs of what the entrepreneur is looking to do the next big thing with their business:

  • General Contractor: Never miss another customer call again. This package gives your entrepreneur access to a professional call answering and messaging handling service for 2 months, plus 5 visits to a Regus Business Lounge.
  • Home Worker: Create a professional business image without the cost or commitment of a physical office. This special package is a trial business address with a mail handling service for 2 months, plus 5 visits to a Regus Business Lounge.
  • Mobile Worker: Designed for anyone who works on the go. Gives access to a meeting room for 4 people for 2 hours, plus 5 visits to a Regus Business Lounge.
  • Sole Proprietor: Perfect for a small business, with access a fully equipped private office for half a day, plus 5 visits to a Regus Business Lounge.
  • Business Start Up: Ideal for businesses starting out, with a trial of a national virtual office for 2 months. This includes a business address, local telephone number and professional receptionists to manage your calls and mail, plus 5 visits to a Regus Business Lounge.
  • Business Expansion: Allows you’re entrepreneur to enter new markets quickly without huge set-up costs with an international virtual office providing a business address and telephone number answered in the local language for 2 months. Also includes 5 visits to a Regus Business Lounge.

So come this Black Friday, skip the crowds and chaos, sleep in and rest assured you’ve chosen a holiday gift will actually make doing business that much easier for your entrepreneurial loved one.