06:00 PM

Snow Bird & Case Study

DALLAS – October 22, 2013 – With 48 percent of the global workforce now working remotely, professionals based in cold-torn towns, now more than ever, have the resources to escape the blizzards and snow ploughs, and head to warmer climates – plus maintain their day jobs… and keep it business as usual.

Take John Brooks, a real-life snowbird who leaves Minneapolis for Vero Beach, FL when winter arrives. John utilizes a Regus virtual office in South Florida allowing him to expand his business and his network. Warmer temps aren’t the only perk, John is able to leave his Minneapolis office on Monday and show up at the Vero Beach location Tuesday with his office set up and ready to go. Combine this with a prime business address (vs. a home office address), client referrals and networking opportunities, John is able to dodge Jack Frost, and soak up the sun without missing a beat. I’d be happy to connect you with John who can speak to his experiences of being a professional snowbird and the benefits from utilizing a flexible workspace.

And, for those planning to jet-set to sunshine states, there a few steps professional snowbirds should consider before slathering on the sunscreen. Regus, the world’s largest provider flexible workspace, has four pre-departure tips to help professionals maintain productivity.

  • Take advantage of technology. While you’re warming up, don’t confuse clients with address changes – maintain a virtual office so they can continue to send mail and other items to one place year round.
  • Inform colleagues and clients of your location. Letting people know in advance where you will be the next few months and how they can reach you will eliminate any uncertainty a client or colleague may feel about your physical absence.
  • Check out a nearby flexible workspace. It’s great that you’ve escaped to warmer temps, but the need for a professional office setting will remain. Having a professional, secure workspace with a team on hand can take care of your phone calls and other necessary admin tasks you need assistance with.
  • Manage remotely. While working remotely, ensure you have proper processes in place to continue to manage employees from afar including: regular calls, weekly status reports, access to IM.