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Staff Retention Report 2013

Catch Me If You Can


Flexible working a key strategy in attracting and keeping top employees.

Not so long ago, flexible working was the province of senior managers who lived a long way from headquarters, and salespeople. Now, in the minds of many, it is an essential part of any attractive job. It has become a major differentiator when choosing between new job possibilities; and it is a key factor in keeping people engaged and satisfied in their current organization.

This is partly because those in the younger management generations (Gen Y and Z) are demanding it. Even though conventional wisdom would suggest that younger cohorts might accept any job conditions in order to avoid the spectre of unemployment, in fact they are often refusing to accept the old rules. It is also because technology enables workers– even senior ones – to be contacted or stay in touch even if they are not physically on company premises. Younger employees, having grown up with the devices, know all about the possibilities they create, of course. As a result, they cannot understand why employers who have sought to make workplaces like university common rooms will not go further and allow them to work flexibly, saving time on commuting,enhancing potential productivity, and measuring performanceby results rather than time in the office.