Let’s talk about Flex!

Trafalgar Square flash dance brings flexible working message to London

A lycra-clad flash-mob will be descending on the capital at the end of the month, showing off their collective dance moves in support of flexible working.

The stunt, which will take place on Friday 31st March at midday, aims to raise awareness around flexible working and its benefits- particularly for parents of young children. It is the latest in a series of flash dances, organised by parenting blog MotherPukka in conjunction with workspace provider Regus, which have taken place across the UK in a bid to take the flexible working message nationwide.

Hundreds of people are expected to take part, stretching, dancing and singing in Trafalgar Square to deliver the message to the passing crowds and make the country’s business leaders sit up and take notice.

MotherPukka founder Anna Whitehouse is co-ordinating the events in partnership with Regus, whose network of workspaces makes flexible working easier for professionals across the UK. Regus is sponsoring the series of MotherPukka flash-dance stunts as well as offering support at each event by providing a meeting venue and refreshment for participants.

A recent change in legislation now means that anyone in the UK who’s been in their job for more than six months has the right to request flexible working. However, research suggests that 60%* of mums still don’t have access to it.

Anna Whitehouse comments: “We want to get out there, have fun, and talk about flexible working in a way that people will remember- and judging by the amazing turnout we’ve had for our previous flash dances, this is a topic that really resonates with people. The 9-5 can be very limiting for many professionals – particularly mums with a young family. This is a call for UK businesses to show their flex appeal – to get flexible and to not disregard talented women just because they don’t fit the rigid fixed-hours mould.”

Richard Morris, UK CEO, Regus, comments: “The MotherPukka team is doing a fantastic job raising awareness of the benefits of flexible working and we are proud to support them. Employees are realising that there is a better way to be productive than battling the daily commute to reach a fixed office. For mums and dads with young families – and many other professionals - this routine is often simply unworkable. We want more businesses to reconsider their working patterns, to open their doors to a wider pool of talented individuals, and to put employee productivity and wellbeing first.”

*Digital Mums ‘#Workthatworks’ report, September 2016



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